Tohu-bohu | SUMMER 17 “Contrasts”
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SUMMER 17 “Contrasts”

La collection #3 « Contrastes » est joyeuse, mettant en avant le rapport entre des matériaux qui ne se rencontrent rarement: flocage/paille tressée; grillage/paille tressée; cadre/chapeau;fourrure/paille tressée; bouteille en verre/paille tressée; tricots/paille tressée/cycliste/chapeau…et toujours l’aide d’artistes qui nous ont inspiré: Eva Hesse; Buraglio; Niki de St Phalle; Manzoni; Lichtenstein; Wharhol,

Inspirations and artistics references


For few months, different artists from many country in France, decided to work together on a fashion brand: TOHU BOHU from France, for day, for night.
TOHU BOHU derives its energy an attachment to artistic value, from what is our cultural heritage.
That's why the first collection 's name is: ``the artist and me``.

For those collections, we worked about the influence, which is also our art education, from Picasso, Jean Dubuffet, Sonia Delaunay, Henri Matisse, Fernand Leger, Jean Cocteau, Magritte, Cy Twombly, for example. Those artist are for us so important, that it was like a tribute to speak about their work. that's why you can recognize part of their work in our work. ``we play around with what has inspired the work of our favorite artists - reinterpreted through hats and mask design- changing the site of painting``

All the artist of the collective have a personal work: painting, sculpture, design, will find portraits in our website :their name: Louise Dagorne, Julia Robert, Emma Paris, Sophie Dalla Rosa, Louis Georges Clotaire, Suzanne Germain, Karine Bergeot, Mireille Chemineau, Jacqueline Caulet, Céline Robert..each collection some of them choose to work on the collection, that why we have a so nice range of products.

The other think is the dual concept matching two -piece sets: in our collection you can find hats for days, and also hats for night... in general, days are more easy to wear than night which are more specific, and sometimes bigger. chic, innovative, inspirational and experimental, TOHU-BOHU is an uninhibited brand of fashion accessories.

All the hats are made in France, in a collective studio based in the west of France near the Loire Valley, where there is a very nice art of life.

Each collection will be different with a thematic to have a very good coherence of product. and we want to offer to our customers full surprise each time. we are very creative, and with so much ideas... the last collection for Winter 16/17 was ``Relief``. You could find hats and shoes, and we were inspired by artists as Richard Deacon, Tony Cragg, Carl Andre, Matisse, Lucio fontana, Pierre Soulages, Calder...

For summer 17, the name's collection is ``contrast``: we play with different materials, inspired by artist as from the sixties. see below some example: